Sunday, May 30, 2010

Paddlers Kayak Race Series - Race 1 Results

After the most glorious windless Saturday, race day greeted us with a howling south-easter which reduced the number of contestants. The route was changed from the advertised one to a number of laps via a rectangular course from the beach to the yacht club and back. The high winds made for a challenging and technical race with much of it side-on winds of 40kph and more.

Short Course - 2 laps - 4km

Christo van Schalkwyk 00:38:23
Margaret Tierney 00:41:18
Intermediate - 3 laps - 5.3km
David Parry-Davies 00:41:12
John Laurence 00:48:36
Long Course - 4 laps - 7.2km
Derek Goldman 00:48:34
Bernard Haupt 00:48:38
Ryno Lamont 00:50:02
Geoff Hart 00:50:10
Mark Webb 00:50:21
Paul Weber 00:52:44
Tim Elliot 00:53:24
Mark Munro 00:54:03
Silke Carstensen 00:55:53
Paul Whitmill 00:57:17
Andrew Hermann 01:00:03
Ian Till 01:00:49
Barbara Calothi 01:01:16

Some pictures and categorised results will be on the racepage sometime tommorow.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Paddlers Kayak Shop 2010 Kayak Race Series

Winter Race Series Starts This Sunday
Back due to popular demand - the Winter Timed Event! We will be calling it a Race just for shorthand but we all know that it's just a way of getting on the water with a group of friendly paddlers and someone telling you how long it took.
There are two distances, the short course being no longer than a regular Sunday morning paddle i.e. Boulders and back, so it is well within everyone's capability.
As always the emphasis is on meeting other paddlers and having a good time. It's also ideal for those who want to use the event to measure and improve their fitness as every paddler will be given a time.

Dawn Patrol on Zandvlei

Was on Zandvlei in my Kayak before dawn on Sunday to join four energetic eco-activists for the Zandvlei leg of their Peninsula Paddle from M/Berg Beach to Milnerton along the vleis, rivers and (sadly) mainly canals. Started at the bridge before sunrise - then paddled just as it was getting light along the vlei to the top where the Fish Eagles roost. Early morning orange, pelicans, king fishers and a zillion other water birds made for a wonderful start to the day. Some seagull rowdies hassled the eagles off their roost and I heard them call overhead as I paddled back. On the way, I did a loop through a section of the Marina to see how the water worlders live. There are shallow sections immediately upstream of Main Road Bridge, but I made it through to meet the incoming tide at the weir. Glided over into the sea to land on the beach. Next time I shall take breakfast and stop on the Island to enjoy the birds. 
Kim K.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Another magical animal encounter

Winter has settled in but this does not keep us of the water. Yesterday we made the most of the magical days winter has to offer and headed out from Millers Point towards Smitswinkel Bay. This stretch of coastline is very exposed to strong winds and swells so picking the correct day is essential. Paddling along this untouched coastline really allows you to appreciate the area we live in.
We came across a calm little cove were we decided to land for a leg stretch, after reentering the water we were greeted by a furry friend the Cape Clawless Sea Otter. After much contemplation he decided to get up close for a thorough investigation of our kayaks lasting several minutes. Let's remember that this is their area and they do not mind visitors who keep to themselves. Enjoy your Paddle!
Geoff Hart

A whale of a kayak trip

Kayaking in whale season can be a dangerous sport so take care! :) :) :)


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