Thursday, February 15, 2007


Their are some things one does in this life that you consider deeply before doing , decide against doing and then do them anyway. A recipe for disaster? Sometimes. But then other times something comes along that rescues success from the jaws of disaster. In this instance, simply put, rescue came in the form of a brand new Land Rover with a retractable awning - driven by, you guessed it - that indomitable German.

The weather forasts were for 60% - 80% probability of rain and gale force North Westerly winds between Cape Columbine and some other god -forsaken place South West of Cape Town. I spoke to Mark in the morning who enthusiastically assured me that, according to his dogs and his PC, the cold front was over. He had apparently seen a peice of blue sky over Simonstown.Never believe a statistician.

Consequently I, on my own, with a Kayak on roof, headed West into the promise of blue sky. The rain chased me all the way to Langebaan where it finally broke with vengeance. As did my Hilux which decided to employ its anti-hijack system outside Saldanha. Fortunately that old Langebaan local, Basil Thomas, was waiting for me up the road and reccomended that we override the system. That worked and we headed up into Vredenburg and Paternoster. Still raining.

After a short inspection of Paternoster the rain stopped and Basil and I arrived in Tietiesbaai to find no other optimistic Kayakers and big seas. Desperate for a cup of cofee/tea, we set up our camping table and other paraphenalia. The rain started again and we huddled in my bakkie neither venturing to ask whether this was all a good idea. Rain Stopped.

Then it arrived. That German and her Landy. I believe it now has a name. Whatever - to us it was beautiful. Or to be more precise that silver tubular structure mounted on its roof was beautiful. Extended it makes for the perfect patio. A place that you can sit under and pretend that camping in TietiesBaai in the rain is fun. With chairs out and tea in hand Barbs arrived followed shortly byMark and Liz then Chris, Kim and kids.

We were soon all under that canopy. It was just bloody nice and sociable.

That night dinner was had at "The Noisy Oyster" (remember Debbie from The Meeting Place). The meal was good but Deb's needs to jack up the size of that Burger (please?)

Derek and Margaret slept in a container next to a foghorn(ask Derek).

We all slept well (except M and D). The paddle on Sunday Morning was early (about 08h00) where we joined Arthur, Tracy and the Kazkazi team. Paternoster beach/bay was calm but their were some big (bigggg...) swells further out and they, combined with a variable offshore wind, made paddling a little unusual for those of us used to a consistent False Bay. Derek and Chris as usual headed for and played in the big stuff. Helps to paddle that well. Conditions were quite different to what we are used to in F Bay and while not dangerous, the way the boat reacts requires, for me at least,a bit more practice.

The paddle was followed by a superb breakfast on the beach cooked by Liz and Basil. The food just came out of nowhere?The rest of us just watched and ate.

Oh - and then there was "Neil"- whose campsite we trespassed on and who brought us crayfish salad while telling me that "julle engelsmanne doesn't know about good neighbourliness"?? Another story...

Once again I am reminded that paddling is a wonderful pastime. Yes boats and water are great.
But the best thing about sea kayaking is the people who do it. So, from me - big heartfelt thanks to Arthur and Tracy and the Kazkazi Club for starting off the trip, Derek and Margaret for pulling together the Paddlers Group and then to Mark, Liz, Barbara, Basil, Kim, Chris and lekker kids and oh yes - dear Silke and her Landy for their company and making it such a cool weekend.

What happended to the rest of you w.........s? You get wet paddling anyway.

All the best


Monday, February 12, 2007

Paternoster Pictures

Hopefully Paul will regale with his written views of the trip when he has a moment. These views will have to suffice for the moment.

Friday, February 02, 2007

Paddle in Paternoster - Sat/Sun 10/11th Feb

So here's the plan. Some people are going up on Friday after work, others (like me) on Saturday afternoon. If the weather is good, meet on the Paternoster beach at 5.30pm Sat afternoon for a paddle. For dinner that evening we have booked The Noisy Oyster restaurant.
Sunday morning we will all meet up again (venue to be decided at dinner) for that days paddle.
Everyone is to make their own accommodation arrangements according to preference. For those wishing to camp there is the Cape Columbine site - Tieties Bay Caravan Park 022 752 2718. We're having trouble getting through on this number but the word is that you don't book anyway, just turn up.
For B&B, self catering etc try
Add your comment here if you will be coming.
Check this blog for last minute updates. Call 082 556 9945 if you're lost.

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