Friday, October 30, 2009

Cape Point Paddle - Sunday 1st November

...and the newspaper is forecasting only 25kph winds. Should the day gives us 25kph then the trip should be on, if not then the usual paddle in Simon's Town will take place. As usual meet at Berthas car park at the jetty at 9am to carpool to Buffels. Most likely scenario is a downwind back to Simon's Town.

SATURDAY 1PM. Forecast still looks dodgy. Call 082 556 9945 before leaving home to see what we are doing.

Thursday, October 29, 2009


We didn't get enough interest and it seemed, with respect to the organisers, perhaps a little difficult to organise and so we won't participate

Perhaps we can put something together next time...



Tuesday, October 27, 2009

...and while you were at Paternoster

...I was whale watching at Cape Point. Click on the picture for larger version.

Monday, October 26, 2009


Eskimo Roll in the Big Surf (Unknown Paddler)

MR Webb after a Paddle...umm.. I mean Beer

4 Paddlers, Liz and Mark, Pauli Whitmill and Paul made the trip to Paternoster on Friday 23/10.

We found a large private campsite, pitched camp and lit a log fire.

Basil joined us on Saturday (with Gemsbok fillets) and his Skua and that made 5. You should know that Basil always brings something special and unselfishly shares it out. By the way his Skua is for sale if anyone is interested.

The weather on Saturday was perfect. No wind and a dead - flat sea. We paddled at 07h30 launching from the beach at the old Fish Factory. Mark and Paul did the rock surfing the breaks/hopping thing and Pauli, amazingly, followed in his carbon epic without breaking it. Basil arrived at the campsite after we had launched and almost went back to Langebaan when he couldn't find the campsite but found us on Paternoster Beach.

Liz summed it up by saying that it was the best paddle she had ever had. While on the subject of Mrs Webb - she and Basil continued on from the Paternoster Beach to Titiesbaai and they became the first of our Group to enter the usually very tricky Bay from the open sea. The conditions were that perfect!

The second and last paddle was embarked on after lunch. Conditions were a bit choppy but still no swell. We paddled out of Tietiesbaai and turned left and found one of the most beautiful aquamarine beaches we had ever seen. No paddling on Sunday as we had a late "Liz Webb Special breakfast" and drove to Britannia Bay. Conditions there were offshore and we gave it a miss electing rather to go back to Langebaan for a beer.

A big thanks to those who made the weekend. It was well worth it with the best weather we have ever had in Paternoster.

Check out the Photos - courtesy of Pauli Whitmill - especially the ever energetic "post - beer" Webb.

Oh, by the way Where where the (...) were you? Mowing the lawn, at Pick n Pay or maybe taking your Mother - In - Law to Lunch?

See you on the ocean.

best regards

Sunday, October 25, 2009


Available soon at Paddlers.
This is two DVDs in one. One part of it is a four-day voyage up the west coast of Skye by a group of nine paddlers of mixed ability. This can be watched separately, or interlaced with the coaching sessions which will crop up just as they're needed. The coaching sessions, the heart of the DVD, can also be watched separately.

Coaching Sessions and their content are:

Foundations - Body position. Edging and leaning
Forward Paddling
Turning Pt 1
Turning Pt2
Calm water. Rough water.
Turning Pt3
Steering - Stern rudder
Rockhopping - Draw stroke on the move. Really rough water.
Confused water. The 'head game'.

Watch the Trailer

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Beginners Evening Paddle - Friday 23 October, 4.30pm

We get a lot of calls from people who want to join a group paddle but are worried they maybe too slow or not experienced enough. This is the trip for you! We will be on the water for an hour or so, paddling at a relaxed pace. Meet at the beach behind Simon's Town Railway station. It's a good opportunity to get group experience and there will be time to ask questions and get some general guidance. First rule of group paddling? The time given is an ON THE WATER time so be there a good 15 minutes before, for briefing and general safety checks. Weather permitting, so call if you are not sure of the conditions but the forecast is excellent

Wednesday, October 14, 2009


The trip is on and and site availability at the campsite is good.

Some of the paddlers will arrive on Friday 23/10/09, others on the 24th.
This is an informal trip.

Their is no need to pre book. You just arrive at the Tietiesbaai Campsite and look for Kayaks. We usually paddle on the Saturday and the Sunday depending on the conditions. For those who have not paddled there before the conditions are quite different to False Bay. The offshore swell can get big and is for competent paddlers. If the wind is reasonable then inshore paddling amongst the rocks is very pleasant. The surf at the main beach is usually benign and good for kayak surfing. We do not take any chances but everyone paddles, as is usual, entirely at their own risk .

As far as food et al is concerned we all cater for ourselves.


Monday, October 12, 2009


Just a vote of thanks to Margaret and Derek (he doesn't do much except win the damn thing every year) for organising and hosting this years race. Without wanting to sound overly righteous I know that they go to a lot of trouble in setting this event up. While present company was hugely racing unfit (it only happens once a year now) the pain was eminently worth it.

Derek won with that funny "paddle stroke" and Basil tried... William almost fell out.

Thanks Tannie M and Oom D



We have an idea to camp at Tietiesbaai on the weekend of 24/10/09 -25/10/09. Paddling is of course weather (especially wind) dependant.

I have not yet been able to speak to the Campsite Manager so I am not sure what the availability is like. I may book two or three sites (two tents per site) but if you would like to come along then please book your own site. Pre Booking more sites just complicates the booking process due to their rules. We normally go for the sites on either side of the beach.

Tietiesbaai site has two ablution blocks which are generally not bad as camping sites go. It can get busy.

Please check this blog for updates.



Thursday, October 08, 2009

Paddle relay charity challenge

Anybody care to make up a team?

Thursday, October 01, 2009

Kayak Race - Results

Results of the race can be viewed here

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