Thursday, June 24, 2010

Second Kayak Race - Sunday 27th June 2010

Well it was touch and go whether to cancel at around 7am this morning - it still looked fairly gnarly out there but the wind was obviously moderating and we decided to trust the winfinder forecast of the lull and it proved accurate. As the wind was slightly easterly the long course set off to Ark Rock, turned to the lighthouse, rounding it anti clockwise, and set off back to the beach, a distance of 7.2km. The short course returned after rounding Ark rock. The wind may have dropped but the swell had not - it was pretty big out there and it was an extremely challenging course. The huge waves at the lighthouse took their toll on the surfskiers who tested the water temperature a few times but the sea kayakers in their more stable craft all stayed dry. Derek led the way out but was passed by Geoff at the lighthouse and they diced all the way back with Derek only prevailing on the last few hundred meters. Mark moved up on the rankings by beating Basil for the first time.

Full results and more pictures on the Race Page

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Jellyfish Invasion

You may have spotted the large quantity of jelly fish in the bay and wondered about them - I know I have.

There is an story at Scenic South answering the question and a very interesting general article as well.

Friday, June 04, 2010


Saturday's weather indeed being glorious, my non-paddling husband, Harry, and I headed up Echo Valley in the Kalk Bay mountains returning via the Spes Bona Valley. The sea was looking magnificent – extremely calm and placid (imminently paddleable!) with great swathes of satiated seabirds floating on the water close to shore. We wondered whether the sardines were in the bay, and hoped fervently to see some exciting activity involving dolphins and killer whales. Alas, this was not to be and we had to be content with the “virtual encounter” with the Orcas and multitudes of dolphins in False Bay at present which you too can experience by clicking onto the following page of Kim's and my local community website:

Derek adds:
Here is another report on the same pod with great pictures
Also look at this article from Newfoundland about a whale encounter while paddling

Thursday, June 03, 2010

Paternoster getaway - Postponed

Accommodation either campsite at Titiesbaai or if you like to organise your own, there are many guesthouses in Paternoster or you could contact the Parksboard. Weather can be tricky at that time of the year, so plans might change short-term (change to another destination or cancel). For those wanting to paddle with us, we will organise paddles for the more experienced paddler but paddling is usually also great for less experienced paddlers - just make sure you have a paddling buddy and the necessary safety equipment. Paternoster offers more than just paddling - fishing, hiking, cycling etc are all nice activities for yourself or partners that you which to drag along ;-) If you'd like to join us, please contact Silke Carstensen on and I'll keep you informed. This is an open invitation but please note that paddling, camping etc is at your own risk.

Wednesday Paddle - 5 pictures are worth a 1000 words

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