Monday, May 19, 2008

Full Moon Paddle - Tuesday 20 May 5.30pm

15.30 - Wind has picked up a bit to 10m per sec, NE oddly enough, and it's still cloudy. Almost certain to be better than tomorrow so paddle is still on unless it gets worse.
14.15 - Thunderstorm seems to have passed and it's not currently looking like rain but it is overcast. Not much wind so it's paddleable.
10.30 - Windfinder forecasts rain by this afternoon. Will update again at 2pm ish
Full moon is actually on Tuesday and at this stage the weather forecast for Wednesday is lousy. Therefore we are having the paddle on Tuesday evening (and if the clouds are absent) we should see the moon rise over the mountains and light up our return. If the evening looks like a washout we can try again on Friday evening which looks clearer, less windy and warmer - but moonless. We will update the blog several times on Tuesday with current conditions but if you are not online just call the office for the go ahead. Note the 5.30 start just for the moonlight paddle!!!!

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