Monday, October 18, 2010

Kayak Race Sunday 7th November


Verily do the gods smite us with high winds. It was gale force and we did cancel. The surfski boys and girls went ahead with their race in Fish Hoek but this is what they said "In quite the most extreme wind conditions ever experienced since the start of local surfski series racing in 1998 Dawid Mocke posted his maiden victory in the 2010 Discovery Sunglass Hut Surfski series, mastering the gale force winds and overcoming a strong field to clinch the title..." 

We will try again for next Sunday the 7th. Sigh.

Yes it's gonna be windy but not a gale so far, so we are ON! We should be reasonably sheltered in Simon's Bay. See you tomorrow.

The forecast is looking pretty windy but unless it's a howling gale we will be going ahead with the race anyway. If it is very windy we will obviously do the more sheltered course from the beach through the yacht club.
This will be the last race of the season.

Whoever is in charge of the weather would appear to be a surfskier and not a paddler. Our last two Sunday's have been horrendous weatherwise and yesterday would have been our race day except the surfskiers were at the beach for the opening race of their season - and it was just glorious.
Surfskiers would actually say the weather was against them as they hate flat calm days so perhaps the weather god just does not like paddlers of any kind! Anyway next Sunday looks to be pretty windy so we are setting the race for 31st October. Fingers are crossed, toes are cramped.

Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Kayak Race - Sunday 10th October - POSTPONED AGAIN

FRI: Not gonna happens guys and girls. Race is postponed until further notice.

THU: It's not getting any better - I will make a decision on Friday and post it here. If we postpone the race will take place on the 24th or 31st Oct

WED: It's not the best forecast we've ever seen is it!? However if the front is delayed by a few hours then the weather should be fine and the race will go ahead so watch this space please.

RACE DAY - Sunday 10th October 10am

Long Beach (behind Simon's Town railway station)
Registration from 9am R30 per paddler
Race Start 10am (on the water start)

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