Friday, January 26, 2007

Regular Friday paddle

Friday afternoon at 4.30pm from Berthas is becoming a semi regular paddle for many people. So if you're available at that time turn up and take a chance or even mention it here on the blog.

Monday Evening regular paddle

Estelle is creating a regular Monday evening paddle at Zandvlei. Meet at the Yacht Club parking, to be on the water 5.30pm. This is a great opportunity for those who are still finding their sea legs to join in with some of the more experienced paddlers. It is also a chance for all of us to build up our paddling fitness, meet new people and spread the word about kayaking.

Thursday, January 25, 2007


The weekend was well worth the trip.

I left Friday evening and joined Basil at his very comfortable weekend house. Dinner (after Drinks at the Yacht club) was at Friday Island where we met up with a Silke and her friend and colleague (Sue). They (the restaurant that is) serve a superb cheese burger with Thai sauce.

Right through the Friday evening and Saturday morning both Grandpa and I weren't sure whether we would take part in the Surfski race, both pleading fatigue. However Silke phoned us at 09h30 Saturday to tell us that she was waiting at the beach and had registered. We would not be shown up by a Land Rover (it broke in MOZ) driving German expat from some strange shrinking island in the middle of nowhere and so we duly reported for duty with the other manne. The organization was, as usual, very good. Having registered with a slightly stressed lady who seemed to have difficulty looking up from her laptop (and who would not give me a race sticker), we proceeded to the beach for pre-race briefing.That is where things started to go wrong for my race. I don't know if it was the fact that there was no loudhailer in a pumping South Easter (apparently there is only one in SA and it was being used at the Duzi. Has Discovery Health exhausted the annual Budget??) but I misunderstood the start procedure.

The nett result was that I was on the wrong side of the Short Course field and had to wait for 1/2 of SA's surfskiers to go past before I could join Bas and the Land Roving Hun. The short story is that into a 40km/h S.E Basil was the Second Boat home. Silke and I had our own race but she eventually beat me at the Island after some really good downwind surfing (@#$^&! Epic). Well done Basil and Silke! I beat a few beginner Surfskiers... Incidentally I tried to be friendly with one of those I beat but she seemed too peeved and wouldn't even look at me (I think that in any event their is a rule that the girls only talk to guys under 15). That counts Bas and I out. Anyway - Thanks again to those superfit surfski Dudes and chicks for counting us in on their great race.Makes us feel very young again.

That afternoon Derek, Margaret and Gary joined us. Derek, Gary and I did a short paddle into the lagoon shortly afterwards. On Saturday evening dinner was at Friday Island. We stayed quite late because The Land Rover lady and her friends had devised a fiendish new way of working out the bill. Ask her. Eventually I pulled out of the dastardly scheme and paid my own bill. Derek, in the meantime and as Derek will, became fixated with the Comet - in particular with the reason why the tail appeared curved. He was not impressed when someone informed him that it was the South Easter.

On Sunday morning we left from Friday Island and paddled up to the main beach where we met up with 3 strange ous. The one didn't even have a life jacket or shirt on (??). Number 2 was paddling a lime green tank like mine (paddle(u)ak?) with flat paddles but worked like like a demon to make sure he remained in contention. Number 3 seemed fairly normal. Sorry dudes - this is a joke. Anyway none of them will probably paddle with us again after this story or after we left them behind at Kraalbaai. They will now buy surfskis. All in all a good 12 - 15km paddle.

The entry into the beach at Friday Island is worth a mention for the challenge. Surfing skills are a recommendation so both Margaret and I were rescued by the NSRI. Not really. Margaret was.
Many thanks to Sir Derek and Lady Margaret for the idea. The weekend was a jol and I wish more of you had joined us. Keep an eye out for the next one away.

best regards

The surfski guys were most impressed by Basil and he was mentioned in their weekly newsletter report on the races.

"The short course of 7km's had 20 paddlers heading straight up to the Oudepos turn can and back down via the back of Schaapen Island. A very notable performance here was by another Langebaaner, Basil Thomas who was not only the oldest paddler in the field but was also paddling a sea-kayak as opposed to the much quicker surski's that everyone else was on, Basil came scond in the short course and raised many an eyebrow with this brilliant performance."

Saturday, January 13, 2007

Sunday 21st Jan paddle in Langebaan

Paul will shortly be reporting back on the weekend but until then here are some pictures.

The first of our hopefully more regular paddles away from Simon's Town takes place at Langebaan Lagoon. Paddle starts at 10am at Langebaan main beach by Driftwoods restaurant. There is a mixed doubles surfski race at the same time to add to the vibe.

Sunday, January 07, 2007

7th Jan to 13th Jan Paddles

A nice large group of 10 or so paddlers enjoyed some excellent surfing on a fresh south easter on Sunday the 7th. Two new proud Perception owners joined in for their first Sunday group outing - welcome to John and Barry. Wednesday paddle as usual at 5.30 at Berthas. Forecast is for a strong south easter.
And if you're looking for partners for the next few days post your place, date and time here.

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