Thursday, December 14, 2006

Club Paddle - Sunday 17 December - Report back

Dave (beard and long pants), Sir Derek (competent and shark repellant ) , Estelle (with her Kayak), Ian (nervous), Barbara (chatty) and another guy (?) (yellow kayak - apologies!) and I (under the weather) pitched for the paddle.

The wind was blowing South Easterly - I would guess about 30 -35 km/h.

I think Ian is still a bit apprehensive with his boat and did not venture past the Bullnose. He messed about in Simons Bay.

Quite a lot of clapotis off the harbour wall.

We paddled the normal route towards Seaforth and Ark Rock. Barbara and I weren't feeling up to the upwind paddle so we pulled into Boulders and sat it out while the others went as far as Steve's house. We picked them up on the way back. Quite a few Penguins. The swell was smallish but you could get a reasonable surf with a bit of effort. Derek took the wide route back in and the rest of us stuck fairly close inshore. All in all a good paddle.

The wind dropped to virtually nothing after we landed. Estelle, Barbs, Dave and I had a few drinks and enjoyed a skinder about quite a few of the other paddlers in our esteemed circle. Deposit money in my bank account if you want to know what was said. I have another secret Blog for that purpose.

Best regards to you all and a peaceful and safe Christmas to you and your families.


Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Saturday 16th Public Holiday

Ndorfin Paddle Race
Margaret is organising the paddling race at 11am on the 16th. There is a kayak and surfski category so it will be similar to the winter series kayak races. Hopefully everyone can take part?

Monday, December 11, 2006

Wednesday 13/12/06 - Paddle Club - Report Back

Margaret, Derek, Estelle, Gary, Dave, Kim, Basil,Geoff and I paddled at Simonstown.

Their was another member of the group who hung about on the far fringes, who did not identify himself in the customary manner and who remained, to me at least, anonomous.

However the mystery paddler was later indentified as a new member of the team at Paddlers. After a paddle and one beer I don't remember much, least of all names. But I think it's "Kyle". Am I right? (No, he wasn't there - it was Sheldon. Ed) Anyway, what's in a name. On behalf of the Simonstown Group and the now famous Blog, I would like to extend a warm welcome to him. Next time just say Hullo. Ok? I might buy something from you one day.

Estelle lost her Kayak somewhere in her Garage but found one to use that looks almost as weird as mine. I think it looked something like Gary's kind of taste in colours.

Dave took Kim and I boulder hopping and led us into the rocks instead of through them. Just now we will all be borrowing Gary's weirdo boat.Ta Dave.

The wind flattened beautifully for a light south wester and a gorgeous evening.

The evening ended when Margaret left our dinner table to go and sit at another table without warning and then decided to heap insults on the restaurant menu . Strange Kid.

Thanks for the paddle and see you on Saturday. Paul

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Sunday 10th Paddle

If anybody wants to experience what Paul hilariously described (hopefully not the conditions though) you have your chance this Sunday to join the short course surfski race at Fish Hoek. If you would like to enter then please let Derek know either by calling or emailing the shop or adding a comment here with your info.
• 10km - FH Beach, Around Roman Rock Lighthouse back to FH LSC
• 6km - 2 Laps in the FH Bay
• 7:30-8:30 race Registration
• 9:00 Race Start

If you just want to do the social paddle then meet at Berthas at the usual time.
Forecast for Sunday is moderate to fresh south easter.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Wednesday 6/12/06 - Paddle Club

Sorry for Posting this so late. Just back in Town.

Friday, December 01, 2006

Other days - 1st to 9th Dec

Anyone looking for paddling partners for the these dates please add your "comment" here.

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