Friday, November 27, 2009


This report is a little (a week) late in coming out.

But a falling out (of a kayak) is too good not to report. I am told that a certain member of the Cape Bar went for a swim in False Bay the week before. Apparently the combination of some small swell and his very new (and very expensive) imported (and impotent if you ask me) Kayak got the better of him and while showing off his newly found lack of single paddling skill (his wife normally looks after him in a big flat - bottomed double good quality Kayak), he did an involuntary eskimo roll.

The first pity is that someone fished him out - for heavens sake we have enough Advocates. Its Attorneys that we need. He was of course back again last week. This time his steering cables had broken and no-one would help him fix them. Shame. No - he did not fall out again. Damn.

Moving on from  professional rivalry. The actual paddle was excellent. A good 25km/h SE made for a good workout upwind to Windmill and a reasonable surf back. I think that I have put on weight because my bow now goes underwater running down the swell. A bit scary.

Derek took out some poor misguided (by him) souls on a trip at the same time as our paddle. As you will know the bullnose in a reasonable S Easter looks like the proverbial washing machine. I don't think he told them and the screams could still be heard by the time we were at Windmill. We dared not look back and asked no questions. Derek can be quite scary at the best of times.

The paddle was followed by the obligatory beer and lunch. I think ( no - I know) that Webb only paddles for the beer...

Chiao for now.


Friday, November 13, 2009

Atlantic Side Paddle Trip 15th November

While we all know that False Bay is still the Atlantic, many of us False Bay paddlers, for no good reason, still refer to the Cape Town side of the peninsula as "the Atlantic". Launch site is at Mouille Point opposite Coastal Kayaks/Kaskazi on the water at 9.30am. Weather forecast looks quite good as it's not yet a strong south easter and "the Atlantic side" should be protected while it may be quite strong in False Bay.

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