Monday, November 14, 2011


I was told long ago that this is the last functioning Estuary in The Peninsula - maybe that that's the Western Cape - I hope not.

Be that as it may I may appreciate this water body more as it is accessible from my garden by Kayak, Sursfski, Rowing Boat - anything with a shallow enough draft to enter Zandvlei proper from The Westlake River. I use my Plastic Perception sit - on - top or The Ski.

Zandvlei is the perfect locale for a bit of fitness straining when the weather has you nervously looking at The Bay. It is completely safe and the biggest danger is the odd errant Kite or Windsurfer crossing the main body of The Vlei from the Sailing Club and back. The area inside Marina Da Gama is completely sheltered and as flat as a pancake even in a gale. An added advantage is a friend with a well stocked bar and a sundeck on route.

The water is (nowadays) regularly cleaned of the dreaded pond weed which can make paddling difficult especially for the Surf Skis and, to a lesser extent, the K1's, 2's and Kayaks but impossible for those paddle boats. Then again you want to own one of those ridiculous craft then that is your fault- its a bit like owning a Honda (car that is).

For Land Rover owners none of this is a problem. The Water in the main Vlei has a decent swell in a Gale and the birdlife is prolific with The Zandvlei/Tokai Fish Eagles usually in residence.The Carp do tend to jump into your boat though. Land Rover owners eat them alive there and then.

There is plenty of parking and decent launching spots in The Marina and adjacent to The Sailing Club.

As for Toyota Owners - well they'll probably get lost and wont' find any of it.  Volvo owners (I only know of one) will shrivel at the idea of water that may not be pristine and will find the trip from Simonstown beyond them and the car. (O dear - gave it away).

Come and join some time.

best regards

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