Monday, June 23, 2008

Kommetjie Paddle Report

Although the forecast was for light winds and clear skies the group at the launch sight stared out to sea at a fog bank reducing visibility to less than 100 meters but we knew from experience it would lift soon. And it did - by the time we were ready to go the fog been reduced to cloud and the wind had picked up to around 25kph. We headed through the gap in the surf where the fishing boats launch and paddled directly out to sea for nearly a kilometer before turning right so as to avoid the large breaks at the reef off The Kom. We then paddled a direct line toward Hout Bay, into the wind but with the swell behind, aiming for Chapman's Peak and its famous drive.

This route is more than a kilometre off shore and around an hour and a half later we stopped just below the imposing cliffs below the Hout Bay Lookout Point, opened our snacks and rocked in the choppy clapotis bouncing off the cliffs.

Turning with the wind at our backs we caught some reasonably good surfing on the wind waves back to Kommetjie to search for that thin channel that can take you back to the launch site and avoid the surf break.

Group dynamics:
14 paddlers -
9 men, 5 women.
1 surfski, 2 plastics and 11 composite kayaks made up of:
7 Epics 16 or 18 footers, 2 skuas, 2 greenland style

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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Wed 18th and Sunday 22nd

Wednesday evening paddle looks to be rainy but almost no wind so should be very nice paddling if you wear something rainproof.

This Sunday looks to be fabulous weather so we're doing something different and paddling from Kommetjie to Chapmans Peak and back. Meet Sunday to be on the water at 9am at The Kom at Kommetjie.

As of Saturday morning the forecast is still good so we will almost certainly be going ahead. Remember this is an open water paddle of at least 20 kms so you must be fit, experienced and able to paddle at a decent pace.

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