Thursday, October 20, 2011

Buffels to Simon's Town paddle

The weather for this Sunday looks great but potentially the 5 to 6 meter swells may be the problem. A possible alternative is to launch at the north slip at Millers and head to Smitswinkel Bay and then run back with the swells to Simons Town.
I will not be able to make this paddle as I am working. If you want to do it please call the shop 786 2626 to let us know so we can plan.


This paddle scheduled for Sunday 23rd is postponed to the next Sunday due to the windy weather forecast. Also means if you are a rugby fan you can watch the World Cup Final and not miss the paddle :)

Monday, October 10, 2011

Whale Watching from Kayaks

I agree with Paul, Langebaan is a lovely place to paddle and it's actually not too far away. But what it does not have, and which our home base of Simon's Town has, is this...

There can't be many towns in the world where you can watch whales breaching while paddling in the harbour! Are there?


It always surprises me that I don't see more Paddlers (Kayakers or Surfskiers) at Langebaan and Saldanha Bay. Without exeception I regularly meet the same people on the water and the vast majority are locals or perhaps, more accurately, weekend Langebaan property owners.

Langebaan has to be one of ( if not the) best Paddling areas in the Country. Theoretically it fulfils all the requirements with none of the "risks" of other locales. If you fall out of your boat in the Lagoon and lose it in a gale force SE all you need to do is float until the tide drops and then walk home! (not quite but almost). There are no fish of the "wrong kind" - the biggest I have seen is a 1.5 metre thresher in the mouth of the lagoon that blissfully ignored everything around him/her. This weekend two endurance swimmers were training off the breakers between the main beach and Mykonos. The biggest thing they met was a surprised seal. In fact I'm not sure if there are many fish at all although a few seals and plenty fisherman.

Paddling is of course easiest in the Lagoon itself but the bay is almost as easy with only a gentle rising swell closer to The Strandloper. The breaks and shore landings can be tricky on the beach between the Groyne and Mykonos (the bay itself) due to the slope of the sea bed. You may get wet if your timing is off.

Accomodation in Langebaan is plentiful although not exactly cheap. There is one good camping facility at Lenjtiesklip. The ablutions have recently been upgraded and the sites have power and water. It does however feel more like (is?) a caravan park than a true campsite like Tietiesbaai at Paternoster. However if you have a "friend" with a plot or house in Churchhaven...

As I say - pity it is not used more by the paddling fraternity. Distance maybe?


Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Thanks for The Race

I know that this is a bit belated but many thanks to Margaret and Derek for arranging the race.


Paul Weber

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