Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Full Moon paddle

Tonight's full moon paddle may not take place because it looks too windy. Call the shop by 5pm to see if it's happening.

Monday, December 28, 2009


I don't know much about  the Boxing Day paddle that happened on Boxing Day... umm... but  kind of think that it was a sort of beginners paddle day...and that some people tried to paddle from Long Beach to the Paddlers Bouy but got tired and paddled back... umm ...that's all I know . Wild.

This past Sunday's paddle was also uneventful but perhaps a bit faster... and longer. Participants were Double Barrel, William the King (who almost didn't make it because he couldn't find his car), the mad hun (Silke), Irish Mark, Bernard the Fenn and Marketing Margaret (who I think was selling a boat again).. and I.

Derek was on a sorry, taking a trip.

Slight S Easter, no real decent surf home. William, having lost his car, now lost someone elses cars keys. If anyone sees a black BMW X3 thingymagig with an Epic with grey plastic bag on it somewhere in Khayalitsha then please ignore it. All I can say to William is, Please keep it real, Real Kayakers don't drive X3's (or any BMW for that matter ...unless it has 2 wheels.

We then had beers and battled home in the insane traffic. Wild. Well it is the end of the year...

Happy New Year.

Paul and Derek

Friday, December 18, 2009


Seeing as we are a blog for all Kayakers I just thought that I would remind everyone that they are all welcome at the regular Paddles. The paddles are open to everyone with a competent sea kayak whether doubles or singles. We don't reccomend the recreational Fluid Type Kayaks as they won't keep up the distance or the speed!

The route is normally, dependant on the wind, from Bertha's in Simonstown in the direction of Seaforth or towards Fish Hoek. We often paddle all the way to Kalk Bay Harbour/or Millers Point but for those who feel that is a bit far there are paddlers who turn back sooner. Refreshments are normally enjoyed at Kalkies in Kalk Bay and their is always a post - paddle drink... (or six).

Paddle Times are Sundays at 09h30 and Wednesdays at 17h30 (in Summer) and 17h00 in winter. The Wednesday paddle is generally accepted as being suitable for the more competent paddlers as the pace is faster.

There are also specially scheduled Moonlight paddles and paddles at Cape Point from time to time. These are posted on this blog in advance. We also organise paddles in other areas and away trips from time to time.

Life Jackets are compulsory for all paddles.

If you are keen on joining the Sea Kayaking fraternity give us a call or post a comment on the Blog.


Thursday, December 17, 2009


4 of us paddled out on Wednesday morning - the 4 intrepids were Basil, Trevor, Willy (Huge Perception Eco B thing) and I. We paddled to A frame, turned around - to the Lighthouse, through the middle (where Webb falls out) and home. What a beautiful day...

On the way back I discovered an amazing and good thing. A certain Simonstown trip leader is paddling a new Skua! Is this perhaps a subtle and silent admission that they are much better value (read "affordable") than a certain other brand...? Ok, no more inappropriate stirring.

The paddle was followed by the usual refreshments at "Two and Six". We all went home feeling quite happy.

best regards


Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Basil is looking for paddling mates on Wednesday Morning.

The weather for a morning paddle looks perfect - light Southerleys. Picks up a little on the late PM. It may be a good idea to paddle tomorrow as Sunday looks a bit doubtful with stronger S'easters.

Basil says he will launch from the Navy dockyard but will look in at Bertha's at 09h30 to see if anyone is there.



Thursday, December 10, 2009


It was difficult to say how many paddlers we had - for 2 reasons. Firstly the group that left the harbour included one of Dereks Trip Groups and the group split up at the Bullnose some going towards Seaforth and the rest - Basil, Hendrik, Silke, Kim, Viv, Margie, William, the new guy, and I - going to Kalk Bay via Fish Hoek.

It kinda raised the question why we always tend to go South (ie right at the Bullnose). The wind? Habit? Nicer Scenery...? The Fish Hoek route can be a bit boring if you cut across the bay over open water but is quite attractive if you hug the coast. The beaches have  nice surf and one can play a bit instead of just paddling to the destination and back. Dont we all need some surf experience? Also - you can stop for a beer or a cup of coffee at Kalk Bay.

On that topic of surf - we chickened out at Fish Hoek. There was a small swell running and the Surf Skiers were running in beautifully. However the beach was jampacked with swimmers and the proposition of flattening a few and being laughed at by the narrow- boat fraternity was not attractive. Like I say - we need some surf practice...

The paddle back was  a good workout for the Fish Hoek crowd as the S Easter had picked up a bit. Some landed at Long Beach and the others at the Harbour. Damn divers colonise that beach and its facilities...Can we not make a better plan with our launching facilities? Perhaps we could approach the yacht club?




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