Saturday, August 28, 2010

Sunday Race

David drops the flag and gets the race under way
It was a lovely calm day for a race albeit with a light headwind most of the way and some biggish chop at the lighthouse and Roman Rock

Full results and and more pictures on the Race Page

Derek Goldman, Basil Thomas, Geoff Hart, Ryno Lamont , Mark Webb, Matthew McCambridge, Mark Munro, Paul Whitmill, Kevin Kruger, John Laurence, Ian Till, Sean Burr

Women: Silke Carstensen, Tracey Fincham

Jean Tresfon, Paul Jenkins, Kevin Brunette,Mike Van Wieringen, Bernard Haupt

Emile Kruger & Adrian, Ian Lints, Barbara Calothi, Alistair Hendricks, Christo van Schalkwyk, Wayne Coram, Sandy Mclea, Bart  Mclea

Monday, August 16, 2010

Whale encounter experience

Anne relaxing with no idea what's in store for her
What an incredible experience...think I'll be buzzing for the next 2 weeks.

This was our first kayaking trip to Cape Point. It was so nice to be with a group who knew the area and conditions well. We would never have ventured there on our own.

Anyway the scenery was spectacular. When we got to the point, the wind had picked up a bit and the swells were bigger than we'd ever experienced before. I think Derek could see that we were a bit apprehensive and suggested we turn back and head towards the more sheltered area and wait for them.

Drew and I were cruising along, talking about how incredible it would be to see a whale. He said he thought we were too close to the cliffs. Anyway he went on ahead of me a bit. We were moving quite quickly when all of a sudden this rock appeared out of the water a couple of meters in front of me. (as I write this my heart is racing again!!!) Then I realized that it was a whale - huge, must have be 10 meters across - covered in barnacles. I started back paddling but couldn't stop and ended up on top of him. He sank down a bit then came out of the water, right under my seat. I must have been lifted about half a meter out of the
water. Then he just sank down and there was this huge wave all around me. Oh my God!!!

This all happened so quickly. I just remember wanting to scream to Drew, but thinking that the noise may upset the whale! I only screamed once he had gone under again. Drew turned round to see this wave and white water all around me. How I stayed in my kayak, I really don't know. And then I started shaking. I could not believe what had just happened.

The whole afternoon, I kept reliving that experience...just could not believe it! We cracked open a bottle of bubbly to celebrate life. I think this is one of those experiences that will stay with me forever.

This is why we've moved down to the Cape!!!

What it probably did not look like

Cape Point Paddle report

14 paddlers - around half of whom had never paddled this route - set off at 10am for the point on a cool and blustery morning. The forecast was for mild northerlies swinging to the south - perfect for the return journey. Swells were large and choppy at the point but more than half the group braved it and paddled round the point before turning for "home" at Buffels.

Mark, Silke, Andre and myself split off and paddled back to Simon's Town get some extra mileage - 31km to be precise - under our belts. Got back at 3pm, pretty damn tired. The wind did not play ball and only swung south after 5pm so we paddled all the way back into a westerly headwind of 15 to 20kph but it was still great fun.

The big moment however, and I only heard about this the next day because I had left the group, was one of the paddlers got raised out of the water by a surfacing Southern Right! She was fine and we are hoping she will write up her experience for the blog.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Pictures of evening paddle

Last night was so nice I thought I'd post some pictures for those who failed to turn up! Click on the picture for enlarged version.

Cape Point this Sunday 15th

The forecast for this Sunday is pretty good so it's time to go to Cape
Point for our regular paddle.
Meet outside the Paddlers shop at 9am to car pool up and sort out
If the weather turns too nasty for Cape Point we will just do the local
paddle or perhaps a Millers downwind. The normal paddle from Berthas will
still take place for those who are not ready for the Point.
Remember your Wild Card or R75 cash

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