Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Full Moon paddle

Tonight's full moon paddle may not take place because it looks too windy. Call the shop by 5pm to see if it's happening.

Monday, December 28, 2009


I don't know much about  the Boxing Day paddle that happened on Boxing Day... umm... but  kind of think that it was a sort of beginners paddle day...and that some people tried to paddle from Long Beach to the Paddlers Bouy but got tired and paddled back... umm ...that's all I know . Wild.

This past Sunday's paddle was also uneventful but perhaps a bit faster... and longer. Participants were Double Barrel, William the King (who almost didn't make it because he couldn't find his car), the mad hun (Silke), Irish Mark, Bernard the Fenn and Marketing Margaret (who I think was selling a boat again).. and I.

Derek was on a sorry, taking a trip.

Slight S Easter, no real decent surf home. William, having lost his car, now lost someone elses cars keys. If anyone sees a black BMW X3 thingymagig with an Epic with grey plastic bag on it somewhere in Khayalitsha then please ignore it. All I can say to William is, Please keep it real, Real Kayakers don't drive X3's (or any BMW for that matter ...unless it has 2 wheels.

We then had beers and battled home in the insane traffic. Wild. Well it is the end of the year...

Happy New Year.

Paul and Derek

Friday, December 18, 2009


Seeing as we are a blog for all Kayakers I just thought that I would remind everyone that they are all welcome at the regular Paddles. The paddles are open to everyone with a competent sea kayak whether doubles or singles. We don't reccomend the recreational Fluid Type Kayaks as they won't keep up the distance or the speed!

The route is normally, dependant on the wind, from Bertha's in Simonstown in the direction of Seaforth or towards Fish Hoek. We often paddle all the way to Kalk Bay Harbour/or Millers Point but for those who feel that is a bit far there are paddlers who turn back sooner. Refreshments are normally enjoyed at Kalkies in Kalk Bay and their is always a post - paddle drink... (or six).

Paddle Times are Sundays at 09h30 and Wednesdays at 17h30 (in Summer) and 17h00 in winter. The Wednesday paddle is generally accepted as being suitable for the more competent paddlers as the pace is faster.

There are also specially scheduled Moonlight paddles and paddles at Cape Point from time to time. These are posted on this blog in advance. We also organise paddles in other areas and away trips from time to time.

Life Jackets are compulsory for all paddles.

If you are keen on joining the Sea Kayaking fraternity give us a call or post a comment on the Blog.


Thursday, December 17, 2009


4 of us paddled out on Wednesday morning - the 4 intrepids were Basil, Trevor, Willy (Huge Perception Eco B thing) and I. We paddled to A frame, turned around - to the Lighthouse, through the middle (where Webb falls out) and home. What a beautiful day...

On the way back I discovered an amazing and good thing. A certain Simonstown trip leader is paddling a new Skua! Is this perhaps a subtle and silent admission that they are much better value (read "affordable") than a certain other brand...? Ok, no more inappropriate stirring.

The paddle was followed by the usual refreshments at "Two and Six". We all went home feeling quite happy.

best regards


Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Basil is looking for paddling mates on Wednesday Morning.

The weather for a morning paddle looks perfect - light Southerleys. Picks up a little on the late PM. It may be a good idea to paddle tomorrow as Sunday looks a bit doubtful with stronger S'easters.

Basil says he will launch from the Navy dockyard but will look in at Bertha's at 09h30 to see if anyone is there.



Thursday, December 10, 2009


It was difficult to say how many paddlers we had - for 2 reasons. Firstly the group that left the harbour included one of Dereks Trip Groups and the group split up at the Bullnose some going towards Seaforth and the rest - Basil, Hendrik, Silke, Kim, Viv, Margie, William, the new guy, and I - going to Kalk Bay via Fish Hoek.

It kinda raised the question why we always tend to go South (ie right at the Bullnose). The wind? Habit? Nicer Scenery...? The Fish Hoek route can be a bit boring if you cut across the bay over open water but is quite attractive if you hug the coast. The beaches have  nice surf and one can play a bit instead of just paddling to the destination and back. Dont we all need some surf experience? Also - you can stop for a beer or a cup of coffee at Kalk Bay.

On that topic of surf - we chickened out at Fish Hoek. There was a small swell running and the Surf Skiers were running in beautifully. However the beach was jampacked with swimmers and the proposition of flattening a few and being laughed at by the narrow- boat fraternity was not attractive. Like I say - we need some surf practice...

The paddle back was  a good workout for the Fish Hoek crowd as the S Easter had picked up a bit. Some landed at Long Beach and the others at the Harbour. Damn divers colonise that beach and its facilities...Can we not make a better plan with our launching facilities? Perhaps we could approach the yacht club?




Friday, November 27, 2009


This report is a little (a week) late in coming out.

But a falling out (of a kayak) is too good not to report. I am told that a certain member of the Cape Bar went for a swim in False Bay the week before. Apparently the combination of some small swell and his very new (and very expensive) imported (and impotent if you ask me) Kayak got the better of him and while showing off his newly found lack of single paddling skill (his wife normally looks after him in a big flat - bottomed double good quality Kayak), he did an involuntary eskimo roll.

The first pity is that someone fished him out - for heavens sake we have enough Advocates. Its Attorneys that we need. He was of course back again last week. This time his steering cables had broken and no-one would help him fix them. Shame. No - he did not fall out again. Damn.

Moving on from  professional rivalry. The actual paddle was excellent. A good 25km/h SE made for a good workout upwind to Windmill and a reasonable surf back. I think that I have put on weight because my bow now goes underwater running down the swell. A bit scary.

Derek took out some poor misguided (by him) souls on a trip at the same time as our paddle. As you will know the bullnose in a reasonable S Easter looks like the proverbial washing machine. I don't think he told them and the screams could still be heard by the time we were at Windmill. We dared not look back and asked no questions. Derek can be quite scary at the best of times.

The paddle was followed by the obligatory beer and lunch. I think ( no - I know) that Webb only paddles for the beer...

Chiao for now.


Friday, November 13, 2009

Atlantic Side Paddle Trip 15th November

While we all know that False Bay is still the Atlantic, many of us False Bay paddlers, for no good reason, still refer to the Cape Town side of the peninsula as "the Atlantic". Launch site is at Mouille Point opposite Coastal Kayaks/Kaskazi on the water at 9.30am. Weather forecast looks quite good as it's not yet a strong south easter and "the Atlantic side" should be protected while it may be quite strong in False Bay.

Friday, October 30, 2009

Cape Point Paddle - Sunday 1st November

...and the newspaper is forecasting only 25kph winds. Should the day gives us 25kph then the trip should be on, if not then the usual paddle in Simon's Town will take place. As usual meet at Berthas car park at the jetty at 9am to carpool to Buffels. Most likely scenario is a downwind back to Simon's Town.

SATURDAY 1PM. Forecast still looks dodgy. Call 082 556 9945 before leaving home to see what we are doing.

Thursday, October 29, 2009


We didn't get enough interest and it seemed, with respect to the organisers, perhaps a little difficult to organise and so we won't participate

Perhaps we can put something together next time...



Tuesday, October 27, 2009

...and while you were at Paternoster

...I was whale watching at Cape Point. Click on the picture for larger version.

Monday, October 26, 2009


Eskimo Roll in the Big Surf (Unknown Paddler)

MR Webb after a Paddle...umm.. I mean Beer

4 Paddlers, Liz and Mark, Pauli Whitmill and Paul made the trip to Paternoster on Friday 23/10.

We found a large private campsite, pitched camp and lit a log fire.

Basil joined us on Saturday (with Gemsbok fillets) and his Skua and that made 5. You should know that Basil always brings something special and unselfishly shares it out. By the way his Skua is for sale if anyone is interested.

The weather on Saturday was perfect. No wind and a dead - flat sea. We paddled at 07h30 launching from the beach at the old Fish Factory. Mark and Paul did the rock surfing the breaks/hopping thing and Pauli, amazingly, followed in his carbon epic without breaking it. Basil arrived at the campsite after we had launched and almost went back to Langebaan when he couldn't find the campsite but found us on Paternoster Beach.

Liz summed it up by saying that it was the best paddle she had ever had. While on the subject of Mrs Webb - she and Basil continued on from the Paternoster Beach to Titiesbaai and they became the first of our Group to enter the usually very tricky Bay from the open sea. The conditions were that perfect!

The second and last paddle was embarked on after lunch. Conditions were a bit choppy but still no swell. We paddled out of Tietiesbaai and turned left and found one of the most beautiful aquamarine beaches we had ever seen. No paddling on Sunday as we had a late "Liz Webb Special breakfast" and drove to Britannia Bay. Conditions there were offshore and we gave it a miss electing rather to go back to Langebaan for a beer.

A big thanks to those who made the weekend. It was well worth it with the best weather we have ever had in Paternoster.

Check out the Photos - courtesy of Pauli Whitmill - especially the ever energetic "post - beer" Webb.

Oh, by the way Where where the (...) were you? Mowing the lawn, at Pick n Pay or maybe taking your Mother - In - Law to Lunch?

See you on the ocean.

best regards

Sunday, October 25, 2009


Available soon at Paddlers.
This is two DVDs in one. One part of it is a four-day voyage up the west coast of Skye by a group of nine paddlers of mixed ability. This can be watched separately, or interlaced with the coaching sessions which will crop up just as they're needed. The coaching sessions, the heart of the DVD, can also be watched separately.

Coaching Sessions and their content are:

Foundations - Body position. Edging and leaning
Forward Paddling
Turning Pt 1
Turning Pt2
Calm water. Rough water.
Turning Pt3
Steering - Stern rudder
Rockhopping - Draw stroke on the move. Really rough water.
Confused water. The 'head game'.

Watch the Trailer

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Beginners Evening Paddle - Friday 23 October, 4.30pm

We get a lot of calls from people who want to join a group paddle but are worried they maybe too slow or not experienced enough. This is the trip for you! We will be on the water for an hour or so, paddling at a relaxed pace. Meet at the beach behind Simon's Town Railway station. It's a good opportunity to get group experience and there will be time to ask questions and get some general guidance. First rule of group paddling? The time given is an ON THE WATER time so be there a good 15 minutes before, for briefing and general safety checks. Weather permitting, so call if you are not sure of the conditions but the forecast is excellent

Wednesday, October 14, 2009


The trip is on and and site availability at the campsite is good.

Some of the paddlers will arrive on Friday 23/10/09, others on the 24th.
This is an informal trip.

Their is no need to pre book. You just arrive at the Tietiesbaai Campsite and look for Kayaks. We usually paddle on the Saturday and the Sunday depending on the conditions. For those who have not paddled there before the conditions are quite different to False Bay. The offshore swell can get big and is for competent paddlers. If the wind is reasonable then inshore paddling amongst the rocks is very pleasant. The surf at the main beach is usually benign and good for kayak surfing. We do not take any chances but everyone paddles, as is usual, entirely at their own risk .

As far as food et al is concerned we all cater for ourselves.


Monday, October 12, 2009


Just a vote of thanks to Margaret and Derek (he doesn't do much except win the damn thing every year) for organising and hosting this years race. Without wanting to sound overly righteous I know that they go to a lot of trouble in setting this event up. While present company was hugely racing unfit (it only happens once a year now) the pain was eminently worth it.

Derek won with that funny "paddle stroke" and Basil tried... William almost fell out.

Thanks Tannie M and Oom D



We have an idea to camp at Tietiesbaai on the weekend of 24/10/09 -25/10/09. Paddling is of course weather (especially wind) dependant.

I have not yet been able to speak to the Campsite Manager so I am not sure what the availability is like. I may book two or three sites (two tents per site) but if you would like to come along then please book your own site. Pre Booking more sites just complicates the booking process due to their rules. We normally go for the sites on either side of the beach.

Tietiesbaai site has two ablution blocks which are generally not bad as camping sites go. It can get busy.

Please check this blog for updates.



Thursday, October 08, 2009

Paddle relay charity challenge

Anybody care to make up a team?

Thursday, October 01, 2009

Kayak Race - Results

Results of the race can be viewed here

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Kayak Race 2009 Postponed

In order not to mess you about, we have taken an early decision to postpone the race. As of this morning the forecast for Sunday is a black south easter with 4mm rain, 5m swells, max temp of 12 degrees and 40kph winds - more than enough to keep most people at home in bed.

The race will now take place the following Sunday October 4th and depending on weather may move to Long Beach at Simon's Town station.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Kayak Race 2009

Paddle for the Penguins.
Sunday 27th September 2009 - Seaforth Beach

Every year we at Paddlers organise a fun day out based around our Paddlers "Timed" Event. Eventually we had to succumb and call it a race, but the emphasis is still fully in the taking part rather than racing. This year all funds raised will be donated to SANCCOB and the event has been been generously sponsored by Enviropaedia, in line with the "Go Green with Marine" theme, who will generously be donating a free copy of their excellent book the "Enviromental Encyclopaedia and Networking Directory" to each race entrant.

The main Kayak Race is open to everyone, with a long course, a short course and, drum roll, an even shorter course, specially introduced to allow the larger, heavier recreational kayaks such as Fluid Synergys to take part - it really makes the start quite a spectacle. Winners in all categories will be acknowledged.
Relay Race - This Team event is specially designed for teams of 4 paddlers. Each team will be supplied with identical double sea kayaks, and be required do to three laps around Ark Rock - on each return to the beach they must swap at least one team member. There is some room for tactical manoeuvering, and skill in the change-over will definitely prove an advantage.
All entrants stand to win prizes in our spot draw, plus the Best Dressed Paddler award, Babe of the Beach and Hunk of the Day.
Kiddies Kayak Korner - free rides for the little ones throughout the morning.

WEATHER DELAY - If the weather is unpleasant the day's events will be moved to to the following Sunday, October 3rd.
Updates, weather forecasts and cancellation plans for the race can be found on this blog
Or you can call 082 556 9945 on the morning and LISTEN to the voice message.

Registration is from 8.30pm - entrance fee is R30 single, R60 Double, Team R1000 (R250pp)
MAIN Race Start time is 9.30am
RELAY Race Start time 11am

Race Courses
Long Course - Seaforth Beach, Ark Rock, Paddlers Buoy, Circuit of the Yacht basin, return to Seaforth Beach
Short Course - Seaforth Beach, Ark Rock, Bull Nose, Yellow Submarine Bouy, return to Seaforth Beach
Relay Course - Seaforth Beach, Ark Rock x 3.

Main Race Categories by kayak size which will even the field.
A Category: All kayaks above 4.8m or below 24kg in weight - e.g. Epic 18 and 16ft, Skua, Swift.
B Category: Kayaks between 4m and 4.8m - e.g. Contour 480 & 450, Malachite, Pelican, Napali, Solo.
C Category: Kayaks below 4m - e.g. Acadia 370, Breeze, Avocet.
D Category: Doubles
S Category: Surf Ski's

Thursday, September 10, 2009


Dear Fellow Paddlers;

Last Sunday was a miserable day for paddling (actually the conditions looked worse than they actually were but no one likes to paddle in offshore conditions).

This Sunday looks no better with strong northerlies as the next front approaches.

The forecast for Saturday is excellent at the moment. The plan is to meet at 08h30 at Bertha's.

Paul W

Sunday, September 06, 2009

Kayak Race - Sunday September 27th

Charity Kayak Race - Sunday September 27th in aid of SANCOB
Seaforth Beach at 9.30am
This is a mixed event with paddlers in craft of all shapes and sizes welcome, with a lot of emphasis on the taking part and the fun, rather than serious competition. Spot prizes mean everyone has chance of going home with something from the day. One of our local sponsors is providing prize money -

There are three courses this year - a very, very short course for the real recreational plastic owners (Fluid, Feel Free, etc), a short course of 5kms and a long course of around 10kms.

After the race we will have a selection of kayaks for the kids (old and young) to take onto the water in the beach area, so the whole family can come along and spend the day in this most beautiful part of the world, enjoying our beaches, and then heading to Boulders where the SANCOB team have organised lots more activities.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Cape Point trip - Sunday 30th August

REPORT: A small but perfectly formed group managed a Cape Point paddle last Sunday and two new paddlers had the closest encounter with a Southern Right Whale I have ever been privileged to witness. We were sitting in some pretty choppy waters off the point admiring the view when the whale surfaced about 20 meters away from us. It blew a couple of times then dived. A minute or so later it surfaced and checked out our new paddlers from ooh, how can I describe this, right next to their double kayak! It then gently dived again in front of them, its tail descending into the water literally inches in front of their bow. A totally magical experience.

For the more adventurous paddler we will be going to Cape Point this Sunday. As usual the launch point is Buffels Bay in the reserve leaving at 9.30 but we will be meeting at Berthas car park at 8.45 and leaving from there. Please check this blog on Friday and/or Saturday for an update because any changes to the program will be notified there.
By the way if you have not purchased a Wild Card costing R215 which allows entry to Cape Nature sites then why not do so and save yourself some money. More info at
You can also purchase a 12 times entry card for less than R100, mention of which I did not see on their web site.

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Full Moon paddle pictures

One could not have paid for a better evening than the one we had. Twenty kayaks set off on a dead calm evening and as we rounded the bullnose into the Bay the moon began to peek over Hangklip. We paddled to Ark Rock and then to Windmill Beach where we turned and rode the swells back in. Magic.

Pictures supplied by Estelle

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Full Moon Paddle - Tuesday 7th July

Fingers crossed for a clear evening. Leaving from the usual spot in front of Berthas, but at a later time so you may even make it straight from work, at 5.45pm - moonrise is 6.10pm. Please remember you must have a solid white light on you or the kayak once the sun has set. A head torch is perfectly acceptable.
Apres Paddle - we have negotiated a R10 a beer special around the fire at The Meeting Place.
The usual Wednesday paddle will still go ahead for those who cannot make Tuesday or indeed those who want to do both.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Dolphin show

We went out from Fish Hoek and paddled towards Kalk Bay. It was the most beautiful afternoon, the sea was like a mirror. Near Harbour House about 400m out we first saw some seals, "bathing in the afternoon sun" and then we saw a huge school of dolphins. They were on their way from Muizenberg and swimming towards Simonstown. (It felt like a hundred or more came past us, or maybe it was just 20 going round and round.) What an experience!!!! - click on the pictures for large version.

André du Plooy

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Wednesday 13th May

Looks like this evening is the last chance for a paddle until early next week. Sunday is possibly outside the bounds of most paddlers skills wouldn't you say?

Monday, May 04, 2009

Cape Point Paddle - a cautionary tale

A cautionary - not about paddling but being blase.

I paddle from Buffels and hike around the Cape Point quite often so we have a Wild Card to get into the park. Now you are supposed to have your driver's license with you but about 4 or 5 visits ago I left it behind but the gate person let me in. The next time I went I also forgot it - and again they let me in without a problem. Now when we go paddling I usually don't bring along valuables like a wallet containing the license so the next time I decided that the license appeared non essential and didn't bring it with me - and they still let me in. Yesterday however things changed, the guy in charge was hardegat and koptoe and simply would not let me and Margaret in without ID no matter how much we begged and pleaded. (I tried not to shout.) Since the wallet was not there either no cash was on hand to pay the fee so us muggins went back to Simon' s Town and paddled there with the 9.30 group and the rest of the Cape Point group, who were graciously allowed in, apparently had a terrific paddle in marvelous conditions.

William King, who took these pictures, said we should have paid!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Cape Point Paddle - Sunday May 3rd

The forecast has changed and Sunday's forecast is best - so Sunday it is. As at Saturday midday the forecast is excellent.
Meeting time is 8.45 at Buffels to launch by 9am. As usual check this blog for any updates and to find out whether the weather is playing ball or call 082 556 9945 on the morning.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Paddle Pictures

Some pictures from last Sunday's paddle. Of special interest is the new dapper style of paddling shirt that Hendrik is promoting.

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Saturday Paddle

This coming Sunday is Argus day so Simon's Town is closed down. Sunday's paddle will now take place on Saturday morning for those who can make it. The forecast for the morning looks good, wind building in the afternoon and Sunday looks windy for the poor cyclists.

Caption Competition

Email or add your caption here as a comment.

Sunday's paddle started out very calmly with a little visitor to Paul's kayak. Major mayhem ensued later of course as some paddlers bit off more than they could chew trying to surf some of the huge swells left over from the previous day's gale force winds and large swells. Much drinking and laughing occurred later at the Yacht Club and Silke's goodbye braai.

Sunday, February 01, 2009

Buffels Trip report

19.8km, 2hours 49 minutes, average speed 7kph including a beach stop, max speed on a wave 19.2kph. 14 paddlers.
Barbara, Bridget, Dave PD, Derek, Hendrik, Joe, Kim, 3 * Mark, Paul W, Trish, Trixie and Viv.
A light southeaster greeted us at Buffels for the launch and the first part of the trip to Millers was fun with the wind waves coming from the rear right quarter and enjoyable small runs to be had. Not to mention the marvelous views of the cliffs before Smitswinkel Bay and Smits itself. We stopped at the little beach below the caravan park at Millers Point for a swim and snacks by which time the south easter was building to its usual 45kph and the rest of the journey back to Simon's Town was excellent surfing and took what seemed no time at all. Joe was particularly pleased that his beautiful new wooden strip built boat did not sink on its maiden voyage!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Sunday 1st February - paddle from Buffels Bay

This Sunday the fitter and experienced will be paddling from Buffels Bay in the reserve to Simon's Town. The forecast as of today is for a moderate south easterly which should be perfect. If you want to join in a car pool then meet at Long Beach car park, behind Simon's Town railway station and we will leave from there at 8.30am.
It's a half hour or so drive to Buffels so the plan is to be on the water at 9.15 and the trip should take around 3 hours.

As of Saturday it's still looking good so we will be going ahead.

Friday, January 02, 2009

New Weather Site

False Bay Yacht Club has just started their weather site. Click Here.
Well done to them and thanks to Robin at mxit for letting us know. The past feature is very useful as well for trends.

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