Wednesday, December 17, 2008

A few pics of Last Saturdays Paddle

The calmness of Clifton belies the South Easter that came up while we relaxed in the bay and which made for an interesting paddle back. The combination of Atlantic swells and Wind means large (high) fast - running swells – good surfing conditions if you have the courage. The trick is to put away your fear and concentrate on your paddling speed. Pauli’s Carbon Fibre Epic wanted to take off...

Friday, December 12, 2008

Saturday 13th and Sunday 14th Paddles

9.00am Saturday - Three Anchor Bay starting at the three anchor bay slipway – opposite kazkazi.
9.30 am Sunday - Simon's Town, usual time usual place.

Monday, December 08, 2008

...and again this Wednesday

Looks like the wind blows til Thursday so let's do Mouille Point again this Wednesday the 10th. 6pm on the water at the launch site opposite Coastal Kayaks. Phone the shop 021 786 2626 or check this blog by around 4pm to see if it's blowing that side as well.
UPDATE 3.45 Wednesday: It's too windy!!! If you want a windy paddle just come over here and we'll run from the bullnose to the beach

Saturday, December 06, 2008


I do apologize for posting the atlantic paddle so late.
The decision to paddle there was a last minute one made at basil’s suggestion the difference in the conditions was remarkable. The sea was flat as a pancake. Basil, Mark and I paddled from three anchor to clifton first beach, landed there, talked crap and paddled back. we even saw a sunfish on the way.
Basil, uncharecteristically, was distracted by the attractive beach patrons and fell out once and nearly twice – both in 10 cm of water- really.
As for Mark – he was just nervous of the real “big sea” but made it safely to the powerboat club for a boerie roll and a beer (or 20). friendly bunch at that club – lots of surfskiers with smart cars use the facilities there too.
some amazing tow vehicles to be seen...I am told that dave and barry went to soetwater? dave must start sharing the crayfish...
best regards paul
Basil came up with this one...
the simons town paddlers are going atlantic tomorrow!
their is a paddle tommorow morning (sunday 07/12/08) starting at the three anchor bay slipway – opposite kazkazi. we are meeting there at 09h00. with the south easter pumping in false bay the conditions should be better there.
time for something different anyway?
try and join us there

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